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How are Websites and Marketing Like Fishing?

I've been working on putting together a written strategy for businesses in order to clarify how their website relates to their marketing and sales. Right now, the tentative title is "The Online Business Gameplan" and I've been trying to think about analogies and word pictures that could be used to describe the workflow and strategy from acquiring a visitor and converting them into a customer.

I thought that your online business could be like a fisherman on a lake. The fish are the customers and the fishermen are the owners and employees of the business. Your marketing in this parable would be the rod, reel, and the bait on the hook. Let's take radio as an example: you could pay for ad time on the local radio station and tell people your business' physical location, phone number, and web address. For really effective bait, I would recommend a special offer or discount code for radio listeners. Offering a good discount for use on your website will literally lure your customers to check out your website over your competition. Radio can especially be very effective since about 90% of Americans listen to the radio weekly (90%?! I know, right?).

Think of your physical brick-and-mortar business as fishing from the shore while your website is like fishing from a boat in the middle of the lake. You can catch fish from both locations, but you'll be able to be closer to the fish, your customers, if you're in the middle of the lake. In fishing, you want the fish to smell the bait, bite the hook, and then you can reel them in and put them in your bucket (in business, you don't want to fish catch-and-release!) while your website is there to receive traffic from your marketing efforts and further compel the visitors to be customers.

What do you think? Are the principles of fishing applicable to business? Let me know in the comments!

Tyler Small - Thursday, November 21, 2013

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